We use Autodesk CAD software to design, develop, and create prototypes of mechanical parts (supports, stencils, housings etc.). If necessary, computer simulations are used in the process of developing mechanical parts, so as to improve their properties and reduce the costs of material.

We also prepare renders, animations, and drawings that you can use for marketing purposes or as part of patent and technical drawings. In case of electronic devices, we prepare and programme their electronic components and develop a Windows, Android, or iOS application to manage the device. Our products are developed in accordance with applicable standards. Thanks to the combination of superior software, 3D printers, and a metal processing CNC machine we can provide efficient development services. 3D printing enables us to transform virtual ideas into tangible products literally overnight. Such products are then tested and adapted when necessary, meaning that development and prototyping are intertwining throughout the entire process of creating the final product.


Therefore, communication with the client is vital since additional questions often arise during this process. The vast majority of our clients are innovators with whom work closely to adapt and change future products while pursuing one objective: to create innovations of the highest rank. We are a small business, yet great when it comes to responsiveness: call us at any time or send us an e-mail to receive an immediate response. With especially demanding and complex development projects, we establish a communication system with the client before the project kicks off, which is supported by modern communications tools such as Slack, Trello, Google Docs, and Dropbox.