User manual:

  1. First prepare your keys and plastic cover with two yellow rubber washers. Insert two screws of the same length. There are screws with different lengths in the kit and you choose the right ones based on how many keys you will store in your Keeyper. In case you are not really sure which length screws you should choose, go with the longer ones because you will be able to swap them at the end.

2. Place one plastic cover with screws on the table and beside it place the other cover with nylon mesh in it. You should be able to see a little triangular mark on both of them. Once the Keeyper will be all put together the two triangles should be one above the other. If you don’t put your covers together this way, the screws won’t fit perfectly and Keeyper won’t function as it should. 

3. Now that you have your one cover and screws ready, you can start adding washers and keys to it. The washers come in two different thicknesses (different colours). Put the first two washers directly on the cover and then start adding your keys. In the case of a bigger key there might not be enough space on the other side for the next key. In that case use the washer instead.

4. Once you set and organize your keys, you can put the cover with the nylon mesh on top of it and slightly push it down so it sits nicely on the screws. Hold the Keeyper with one hand and with the other hand screw in two main screws. Once you’ve done this, check how hard the keys are opening out. If you think the keys are too hard to open out, unscrew the screws just for one tiny bit.

5. (Optional) – if you wish you can add a little screw in the middle of the cover. There are a few different lengths of these screws available in the kit. If you are not able to find the right length just take the longest one and cut it in the appropriate length.

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