Thanks to 3D printing, we can manufacture a variety of different products, including toys,
souvenirs, spare parts, and even protective masks. This is our contribution towards fighting
the virus that has affected our lives in the last couple of weeks. The Ajdovščina Civil
Protection Unit invited us to collaborate in the project of printing reusable protection masks,
which are currently in prototype phase. We received a 3D file that needed a few corrections
and, pronto, the mask was ready for printing! Of course, the mask has to be complete with a
suitable filter to be safe for use. The printing of such masks requires extreme caution, since
such products have to be reliable and adequately tested; to this end, our mask will undergo
tests at a company in Ajdovščina, Slovenia.
It is important to note, however, that masks, produced with 3D printing are merely a
makeshift solution in case of mask shortage, which, we hope, will never take place.
In addition to masks, 3D printing allows us to produce protection face shields. We are
currently printing the first series of the model, developed by the Czech company Prusa,
which, if proved suitable, will be produced following the demand for the same.